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Telemedicine Urgent Care

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AFC Urgent Care Edgewater is introducing telemedicine visits for our patients to ensure they can access care whenever they need to. Whenever you have a sudden fever, cough, or injury a telemedicine visit from our providers can help diagnose and coordinate the care you need!

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to to grow in scale and impact a patient’s ability to travel freely, with multiple stay-at-home orders and social distancing efforts in place. Our provider team wants to ensure that our communities have affordable and accessible urgent care options when they need it.

AFC Urgent Care Edgewater can consult patients, provide referrals, evaluate injuries, diagnose symptoms, and recommend coordinated care all through telemedicine. All our patients need is audio and video capabilities (and a cell phone) to get the care they need. If you have any questions, please call us at 410.956.3394. Below, we’ve provided resources to explain what telemedicine is, the services we can provide via telemedicine, and why patients don’t have to delay care during this global healthcare crisis.

What is Telemedicine? How does it work?

Telemedicine is defined as the practice of using technology to deliver medical care from a distance, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Patients can connect to providers through a dedicated portal, with an internet connection and computer with audio/video capabilities.

Our provider team can then provide a variety of urgent care services, treatment recommendations, and other crucial services through secure digital means.

Telemedicine is ideal for patients that need to get medical care but are unable leave their home or have extreme difficulty traveling for an in-person medical appointment. Patients now have an efficient and effective way to get the care they need, all from the comfort of their homes. If you’re curious about insurances accepted for telemedicine, please consult your health plan administrator and refer to our accepted insurance list.

Telemedicine Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As patients continue to self-isolate, social distance, and work from home, it is important to ensure there is available and safe healthcare options. That is why AFC Urgent Care Edgewater quickly implemented telemedicine to provide urgent care remotely.
At AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, we’re here to provide urgent care services from the comfort of your home as we go through the challenges of COVID-19 as a community.

Telemedicine Services at AFC Edgewater
Here are all the conditions and needs we can treat via telemedicine: Please call us at 410.956.3394. for more information about covered services and insurances.
  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Bug Bites
  • Poison Ivy
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Mild Sunburn
  • Cold Sores
  • Canker Sores
  • Cold
  • Sore Throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear infection, earache, or swimmers ear
  • Eye infection, pinkeye, sties
  • Female urinary tract infections
  • Head Lice
  • Infected toenail or fingernail
  • Prescription renewal at physician’s discretion
  • Minor Burns
  • Minor Rashes (e.g. Impetigo, Shingles, Ringworm)
  • Newly onset cough
  • Sinus Infection or Sinusitis
  • Fever
  • Urinary Tract Infections
Here is an exclusion list of telemedicine service THAT ARE UNAVAILABLE THROUGH VIRTUAL VISITS:
  • No narcotic or controlled substance renewal or prescription.
  • No prescriptions over one month
  • No Chest Pain
  • No Pelvic/genital/rectal/breast exams
  • No psychiatric conditions
  • No emergency symptoms including: Dial 911 (chest pain, shortness of breath, allergic reaction, choking, altered of consciousness, head or neck injury
  • No children under 3 years old
  • No STD’s or STI’s
  • No Pregnancy, birth control renewal or birth control advice
  • No Workers' Compensation or Occupational Health visits
  • No Referrals to specialists
  • No Physicals or Sport Physicals
  • No Suturing, suture removal or wound care

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  • Why choose AFC for Urgent Care?

    With state-of-the-art centers and a professional medical team, AFC provides on-site X-rays, labs, procedures, and more!

  • What's the difference between AFC Urgent Care and emergency room services?

    Urgent care is for medical conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate threat to your health or life. Here is a simple rule of thumb: if your medical issues(s) are life threatening, call 911, or go directly to a hospital emergency room. If not, an urgent care center such as AFC is an excellent alternative.

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