Go Back-to-School with a Healthy Breakfast

August 21, 2018

" School is back in session, and we know that can mean (organized) chaos! It may be difficult to get your child fed and out the door in time, but it is crucial for development, both mentally and physically, that children receive proper nutrition throughout the school day. Breakfast keeps your child energized, full and ready to absorb knowledge. Mornings can be a time crunch, but that is no excuse to let your child miss breakfast ...

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August is Summer Sun Safety Month

August 9, 2018

" Woman applying sunblock protection Sun damage is a serious concern. According to the Skin Care Foundation, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. It is important to take the correct precautions when going out into the sun, because ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure can damage your skin. Use the following to help prevent sun damage: Use a broad spectrum, (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF ...

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