Social Distancing Practices for COVID-19

April 16, 2020

" The COVID-19 Pandemic is a global healthcare crisis that requires effort from everyone to help overcome it. The state of Maryland is currently challenged with 10,000 plus cases even with many patients self-quarantining at home and stay-at-home orders from Governor Hogan.  Social distancing, or the practice of maintaining quarantine and staying away from others, is the most effective way to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Staying at home for prolonged periods has its ...

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How Telemedicine Provides Effective Care for Patients

April 16, 2020

" The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading at a troubling rate, which has caused most families to self-quarantine and make significant sacrifices at home. In fact, the state of Maryland estimates that over 10,000  cases of COVID-19 are present in the state.  Patients need to continue to self-quarantine and remain at home as much as possible, especially with the significant rise in cases. However, this can make it more difficult for patients to get traditional medical ...

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