Is the FluMist Vaccination For Me?

October 28, 2015

" There are several ways that you can better protect you and your family from contracting the flu virus this season. If you are a parent of a child who does not like needles, there is an effective alternative! Unlike the seasonal flu shot that is made from inactivated influenza viruses the flu mist is called LAIV and is a nasal spray that does not cause the flu virus. LAIV will allow your immune system to ...

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Common Myths About Flu Shots

October 21, 2015

" The crisp air, the crunchy leaves, and the sniffles in our offices and classrooms give it away; it’s officially the beginning of fall. While the season may be beautiful, the flu that always seems to come with it is certainly not. To protect yourself this flu season, you need to know exactly how the flu operates, so you can separate myth from fact. Here are some of the most common myths about the flu ...

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Is the Flu Shot for Me?

October 1, 2015

" It is very common to hear someone say, “I don’t need a flu shot, I never get sick!” however; this should not be the reason why you do not get your seasonal flu vaccination. It is highly recommended by medical professionals that anyone 6 months and older should receive their annual flu shot. The importance of getting vaccinated goes far beyond just protecting yourself from the virus. Special efforts should be made to vaccinate ...

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