Can Bug Bites Get Infected?

June 26, 2024

The summer months are a great time to spend outdoors. Whether you are just enjoying BBQs with family, time on the beach, or a full hiking trip, it is important to enjoy the warmer months of summer. This being said, there are some drawbacks to being outdoors for longer periods of time when the weather is warm. Bug bites can be an irritating outcome of hanging out and spending time outdoors during the summer. Bug bites can be itchy and irritating, but they can also lead to infection if not treated properly. If you’re someone who suffers from bug bites in the summer, keep reading to learn more about how to prevent infections from bug bites and when to seek medical care for a bug bite.

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How to Prevent Bug Bites During the Summer

The best way to avoid infections or other complications from bug bites during the summer is to prevent getting bitten by bugs in the first place. For some, bugs may be more likely to bite you. If you’re someone who is particularly susceptible to getting bitten by bugs, you should always carry bug spray during the warmer summer months. In most cases, bugs like mosquitoes tend to hang around wooded areas or areas near water. They are also most active and likely to bite at dusk and dawn. Always put on bug spray if you are going to be hiking or spending time outdoors at night to prevent bites. Lighting citronella candles may help prevent bugs from gathering in dining areas or around your home which can also prevent bug bites.

How Do You Soothe Bug Bite Itching?

First and foremost, you should avoid scratching a bite or a sting to prevent infection. Scratching a bug bite can result in the skin becoming open and susceptible for developing an infection. Although it can be difficult to avoid itching a bug bite, using ice packs or a damp cloth can help soothe the area and help relieve the itching sensation. If the itching is severe, antihistamines and hydrocortisone creams can decrease itching, redness, and swelling around bug bites or rashes. Covering the bite can help avoid the likelihood of scratching the bite site raw.

What Should I Do If My Bug Bite Is Infected?

Any open wound in the skin can lead to infection, including bug bites. Scratching bug bites over and over again can lead to blistering or openings in the skin that allow bacteria to enter the body. That bacteria can lead to infection. If you do scratch, it is important to treat the bite with antiseptic cream and avoid touching it so that it can heal. Removing blisters, scabs, scratching a rash, or scratching a bug bite increases the risk of a bacterial infection developing.

Infections are common and usually include fluid or pus draining out of the bite, redness around the bite, and pain. If you notice an infection around a bug bite, you should seek medical care. Your medical provider can clean the affected area to help treat the infection. Infected bug bites can lead to scarring and potentially can worsen into more severe symptoms such as a fever. 

Do I Need To See A Doctor After A Bug Bite?

Whether you should seek medical care for a bug bite depends on what bit you. Most of the time bug bites are harmless and often just annoyances For mosquito bites or horsefly bites, it is unlikely that you will require medical care. Although the bites can be itchy, they usually resolve on their own over time if left untouched.

There are some cases where you should seek medical care for a bug bite. If you have severe symptoms including fevers, swollen glands, or severe pain you should seek medical care. Additionally, if you were bitten by a tick, you should seek medical care for Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Edgewater for Bug Bite Treatment in Edgewater, MD

In most cases, bug bites are harmless. However, if your bug bite is showing signs of being infected, or your bug bite was caused by a tick, it is important to seek medical care. At AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, our board-certified medical providers are available 7 days a week to provide rapid bug bite treatment. Our clinic accepts walk-in patients, making it convenient to receive care for bug bites for patients in Edgewater, MD, and the surrounding communities. Simply walk into the clinic, or schedule an appointment online. Our clinic is open 7 days a week, offers affordable care, and accepts most medical insurance plans. 

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