Why Now Is the Time to Be Thinking About Sports Physicals

July 29, 2016

" If your child plays team sports through their school, you are probably looking forward to cheering them on during their season, and planning out your schedule around their practices. But have you planned for their sports physical yet? The pre-participation sports physical is required almost universally in the United States. Sports physicals help prevent risk and assess the health and fitness of children to ensure the activity will be healthy for them. Here’s why ...

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Why You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen Every Day (And We Know Most of You Aren’t!)

July 22, 2016

" The summer equinox, also known as the longest day of the year, was June 20, and the rest of summer is looking pretty bright. With the sun shining that much, most people will be applying more sunscreen than usual. But here at AFC Urgent Care, we know that you need just as much sunscreen on cloudy days and during the winter as you do now. Sun damage can sneak up on your skin if you ...

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How to Stay Safe at Your Summer Barbecue

July 18, 2016

" Summertime is the best time for grilling outdoors with family and friends. But while you’re grilling and chilling, we at AFC Urgent Care want to make sure you are staying safe, as well. So take some time to remember these tips for your next summer barbecue, and you’ll be better prepared to keep you and your family safe around the grill. Grill Away from Your House It may come as no surprise that ...

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Lower Your Risk of Contracting Zika While on Vacation

July 13, 2016

" Zika virus is a growing concern for people traveling this summer, as it has begun spreading rapidly through new regions in Central America and the United States. Zika virus typically has very mild symptoms, but it can put people at risk of complications such as infant microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome. There is currently no cure or vaccine for the Zika virus. AFC Urgent Care wants you and your family to be protected while on vacation ...

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Back to School: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

July 12, 2016

" Nighttime fireworks shows, long stays at summer camp, family vacations and the late sunsets of summertime are some of the many joys your child may have experienced during their summer vacation. But getting to take part in these fun-filled moments over the past few months may also mean your child was allowed to have some later bedtimes than normal. Now that school is back in session, you may be wondering how these late bedtimes over ...

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