Injury Treatment at an Urgent Care Center: 2020 FAQ

November 20, 2020


Did you know that urgent care centers are one of the faster growing areas of the healthcare system? More urgent care centers continue to open across the country and you can find one almost anywhere you may be! This steady growth can be credited to the unique service found at an urgent care center. Receiving care is faster, more affordable, and more convenient than ever before! 2020 has brought plenty of challenges to daily routines and healthcare systems, but what about urgent care centers?

Are Urgent Care Centers Safe in 2020?

Anywhere you go outside of your home during covid-19 poses a risk. That being said, medical facilities are actually one of the safest places you can go! The staff are all trained on sterile practices and procedures so the risk of covid-19 spreading in an urgent care center is low. Urgent care centers are following recommendations from health experts that include things like mask wearing, social distancing, and covid-19 screening for everyone that enters the building. As long as you follow those recommendations, visiting an urgent care is likely safer than visiting your local grocery store!

What Injuries Can an Urgent Care Center Treat?

Urgent care centers are able to treat nearly any injury that’s not life threatening. Some of the most commonly treated injuries include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fractures
  • Mild to moderate cuts and lacerations
  • Mild to moderate burns

An urgent care center can also help manage pain from acute injuries. Rashes, infections, influenza, and other illnesses can be treated as well.

Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment?

Prior to covid-19, urgent care centers did not require an appointment. Now, appointments are necessary to manage the number of people in the building at one time. You can schedule online or by calling a nearby urgent care center. Same-day scheduling is often available, and immediate treatment may be available for injuries needing x-ray imaging, stitches, or staples. Contacting a nearby urgent care center and scheduling an appointment is still typically quicker than waiting in an emergency room for minor injuries and illness. If you have symptoms of illness rather than an injury, a telemed appointment is a great option to get the care you need without leaving the safety of your home!

Getting the care you need at an urgent care center will lead to quicker care, a more convenient location, and a lower bill at the end of your visit! You can even get a flu shot and covid-19 diagnostic or antibody testing during your visit.


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