Rapid Testing Benefits for Patients this Fall 2020 Season

October 28, 2020


COVID-19 testing is going to be a crucial healthcare service as patients continue to go to work , school, and normal activities during a potential second wave of the virus. Businesses and communities need more efficient and faster safeguards to thoroughly evaluate infection risks and stay safe. The good news for nearby Edgewater, MD patients is that Rapid COVID-19 testing is now available at AFC Urgent Care Edgewater.

Rapid testing can return results much faster than standard tests and are helpful in testing many members of the community in a shortened time frame. Unlike standard tests, a rapid COVID-19 test can give you an idea if returning to work or traveling could lead to a health risk for others.

The benefits of rapid COVID-19 testing are helpful for all patient groups to ensure that the virus doesn’t lead to critical spikes and outbreaks in neighboring communities:

Rapid COVID-19 tests can return results within 15 minutes after completion

A rapid COVID-19 test is quite literally much faster than your standard PCR test: a rapid COVID test can return test results in about 15 minutes after medical staff run a patient’s test results. Usually, a standard test takes 3-5 days to return test results for patients.

The convenience and speed of a rapid test allows patients that may a test in a shortened time frame, and can’t wait for the 3 to 5 days, to get an accurate test ASAP. Returning to work or needing to evaluate your risks before travel can be done within a single urgent care visit at AFC Urgent Care Edgewater!

Rapid COVID Testing is completed in a sanitized and safe medical facility

AFC Edgewater is a full-service urgent care center and walk-in clinic that has speciality exam room and testing protocols to provide safe rapid testing environments. Our team uses CDC-recommended procedures to ensure that infections are controlled in a way that help ensure that patients don’t get sick while getting tested.

Our staff also ensures safe social distancing protocols and clinic volumes to reduce the potential of an outbreak or viral spread at our clinic.

Almost all patient groups can book Rapid COVID-19 testing after a screening

The majority of patient groups and ages can get rapid COVID-19 testing to ensure they are safe during this second wave of the pandemic. Only patients that have severe chronic conditions or other autoimmune diseases may need specialty evaluation in order to avoid the risks of travel associated with the pandemic. However, most relatively healthy patients can get a screening and get rapid testing today!


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